We are at the intersection where performance meets value. Superior performance is an important goal, but how a company arrives at the target is just as important. Our purpose is to help more people experience financial well-being in real estate. The long-term needs of our clients require us to take a disciplined approach to manage their assets. And this discipline means we never take on undue risks with our investor's money or compromise our integrity for short-term gain.

Executive Team

Executive Team

CTN's clients are served by professionals that are among the most exceptional in the investment real estate industry. Our team's passion and commitment ensure that we continually improve our quality and value. We have one goal when serving our diverse array of clients. We utilize a dynamic 360° approach that has been critical to our DNA from day one. Our experienced management team ensures that our operations run smoothly and efficiently while keeping your interest first and foremost.


CTN's structure remains unique in the industry as a boutique real estate and wealth management company. We partner and hire some of the industry's top managers. Our talent is to find colloborators that can maintain a disciplined mindset, and use our global vision to benefit investors worldwide. Our internal teams work in a collaborative environment that fosters timely interactions, promotes collective idea generation, and ensures thoughtful decision-making. We are looking for professionals that can adapt to rapid changes in the market and work in a results-driven environment.